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Pop Thats Punk, But Not Pop Punk

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Timisarocker prides ourselves on delivering emotionally engaging and fun performances. 

From vivacious full band performances to subdued acoustic duo sets, Timisarocker boasts a hefty catalogue of music perfect for any crowd on any occasion.

Our biggest strength is versatility. From airport bars, to bowling alleys, large scale venues, tiny basements, outdoor parks,  and sit down restaurants, Timisarocker shows up ready to entertain. 

We do have average standard rates. These rates do differ based upon the type of show request


1.Full Band (We provide sound system and all equipment)

2. Full Band (Sound system is provided for us)

3. Restaurant/Background Music Style (Small PA/Amp setup, Mic possibly not needed)

4. Fully Acoustic Setup (1 Gtr+Small Amp with no Mic)

With a catalouge of 2+ hours of original music and 4-5 hours of covers, Timisarocker is well equipped to entertain any stage and any crowd!

Contact us here on our website, message us on social media, or email us at for any and every question. 

Live performances are what we do best, get in touch today and let's start the party!

Hire us for your next event!

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