Pop Thats Punk, But Not Pop Punk

Natural Disaster (2017)

Natural Disaster (2017) is the second studio album by Timisarocker. This album is about coming to terms with the fact that mental illness is not the end of the road. Like a natural disaster, once it's over you can rebuild and pick up where you left off. This album also discusses certain events that expand themes leaving people to interpret any songs they want in their own way. Natural Disaster was recorded and mixed at Cloverleaf Audio in St. Paul, MN by Matt Grosso and mastered at Rare Form Mastering in Minneapolis, MN by Greg Rierson.

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Polished Punk (2015)

The first studio album by Timisarocker.

Although album themes and lyrical content suggest this album is about dark and depressing thoughts, this album is intended to mimic and playfully mock the stereotype of the punk lifestyle. "Polished Punk " offers tongue in cheek lyrics soaring over raw punk intstrumentals.

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